About Us

Mission Statement
Baypath Humane Society of Hopkinton is dedicated to providing shelter, care, humane treatment and loving homes for stray or unwanted companion animals. We seek to serve our community by fostering relationships, promoting education and making a positive impact on pet overpopulation.

Non-Profit Status
Serving our community for over 30 years, Baypath was incorporated in 1977 under the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 180. We qualify as a tax-exempt, not-for-profit corporation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Funding Sources
Baypath relies solely on generous contributions from you and our business community to run our Society and operate our shelter. Baypath does not function as Animal Control for any town. We are not affiliated with any other humane society or any national organization. Thus, we do not receive funds from government agencies, local or federal.

Because we are non-profit, your donations to us are tax deductible. We use your donations to further the goals defined in our mission statement, with most funds directly facilitating the operation of our Shelter on Rafferty Road in Hopkinton.

To help meet our monetary needs, we also hold several fund raising events throughout the year. Baypath is an active, community based local group. Our events not only help us raise funds but also give us the opportunity to mingle with friends and neighbors. We have a lot of fun. Please take a peek at our upcoming events listed on the site under the menu bar, ‘What’s Happening at the Shelter’ to learn when you can join us in the festivities. As always, we’d love to see you!

The Society is managed by an elected Board of Directors. The Board (members listed below) is completely voluntary. Board meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month. Everyone is welcome to attend our meetings. After all, we are your Baypath Humane Society!

  • Susan Rossnick, President
  • Brenda Halloran-Donald, Vice President
  • Deb Koopman, Treasurer
  • Sarah Cleveland, Secretary
  • Kandice Glassman
  • Kristi Belhumeur, CPA
  • Amy Hibel
  • Elizabeth Jefferis, Executive Director
  • Emily Franquin, DVM
  • Kristin Sahagian, Assistant District Attorney