Adoption Process

Thank you for choosing Baypath Humane Society for the adoption of your new family member. Although all animals in our care are guaranteed a safe, comfortable home with us for as long as they require, we’re always thrilled to place them with a family perfectly suited for them.

We work hard to match each of the shelter’s animals with the most compatible family possible. Therefore, we interview potential adopters and ask many questions about your home, family, current pets and day to day activities. Although this may seem intrusive, please keep in mind that returning a pet is hard on both your family and the animal. We want our adoptions to be successful and our interview process is our best assurance for that success.

A Baypath adoption is a lifetime commitment that is likely to extend over 10 years. If you have ANY reservations, take your time. Think it over carefully, ask questions and discuss it with all family members! If you’re certain you wish to adopt, please review our policies and fees and then come for a visit.


To be considered an eligible adopter of a Baypath animal, we ask that you do the following:

  • Complete an Adoption Application at the shelter for a Baypath adoption counselor to review. Our counselor must approve your application before you are eligible to adopt.
  • Provide verification of home ownership or landlord’s consent. We will accept a tax notice, water bill or mortgage bill as verification of ownership of your own home. If you rent, permission has to be granted in your lease, on your landlord’s letterhead, or by a call from Baypath’s staff to your landlord.
  • If applicable please bring your recent veterinary records for current and past pets.
  • Provide or buy a cat carrier for cat and kitten adoptions.
  • Provide or buy a leash for dog or puppy adoptions. For your convenience, we sell dog leashes.
  • Sign an Adoption Contract and pay the appropriate adoption fee.

We accept a $50.00 non-refundable deposit with an approved application. This holds your adoption for 24 hours to allow you to make appropriate arrangements.