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3 year old male domestic shorthair / mix
Xander was found as a stray and is now ready to find his forever home. He seems to get along with other cats, but we are unsure about dogs at this time. He has tested positive for FIV, but can live a long healthy life. You can read more about it here: http://www.vet.cornell.edu/fhc/health_information/brochure_fiv.cfm
4 year old female domestic shorthair / mix
Tilly is a sweet girl who was found as a stray in Boston. She can be a little reserved at first, but absolutely loves to be pet. She doesn't seem to be the biggest fan of other cats, but might be ok living with another cat-friendly cat with a proper introduction. We are unsure how she is with dogs right now. Please come meet her today!
3 year old female terrier / mix
Sugar has been on a long journey. She just arrived at our shelter from Texas, and we are still learning about her. She has been bounced around several foster homes and shelters in Texas. According to the lady who brought him to us, "She is great with kids, other dogs and very friendly with everyone she meets. Sugar rides great in the car without a crate and loves going for walks. She does not dig or jump fences and is eager to please." We want her to have her forever home, so please come meet her or spread the word!
3 month old male domestic shorthair / mix
** Please Note that the picture above is from when the kittens were younger. They are now 3 months old and much bigger ** Meet Napa, Niko, and Norbet. These adorable kittens are sweet and ready for homes to call their own! They love any and all animals! They got along great with the cats, dogs, and even rabbits in their foster home! They also love people and kids. Come meet them today!
2 year old female domestic shorthair / mix
Fiona was found as a stray and is looking for her forever home. She loves to have her head rubbed and to be the center of attention. We are unsure what she is like with other cats and dogs, and we recommend a home without younger kids because she is a little on the reserved meet her today!
5 year old female domestic shorthair / mix
Mindy is a sweet girl that was surrendered to us because her owner passed away. She is moderately active and loves to purr! She is friendly to everyone she meets and is even a lap-cat in a home. She will tolerate other cats and possibly a cat-friendly dog. She has never lived with very young kids, so a home with kids 13 and older would be best. She loves to attach herself to her people and follow them around like a dog. Come meet her today!
5 month old male terrier / mix
Meet Mr. Fats! He is a easygoing, sweet young guy. He and his sister, Oglisha, love to romp and play. We are not sure where he got his name, because he is in great shape now! He's a bit on the shy side so would do best in a quiet home with adults or older/respectful kids. We're seeking an active family who'll commit to taking him to puppy training so he can be at his very best. Come meet this handsome guy today!
5 month old female terrier / mix
Oglisha is a young pup who likes to give kisses and play. She has the most beautiful, big brown eyes. She and her brother, Mr. Fats, love to romp around together. She's on the shy side so will do best in a quiet home with adults or teens and will benefit from puppy training. Come meet this sweet girl today!
3 month old female domestic shorthair / mix
Meet Mochachino! This gorgeous kitten is a special one. Here is a note from her foster mom - "She'll play wand games with me and happily plays with cats all the time. She eats treats out of my hand. She is very food/treat oriented. When she wants my attention and to be pet and held, she either sits at my feet until I pick her up or jumps in my lap and looks at me until I do. That being said, if I approach her she withdraws, though not too far. She runs from strangers. I want to see her get a forever home because she is such a very nice kitten. Whoever she is placed with will need to understand that she will take time - and treats - to become comfortable in her new home. She needs to go to a patient home where they are willing to work with her. She also needs a home that is not hectic. Older kids are probably fine, and any family that is going to stay small and quiet! She is really very affectionate, but on her own terms. She must go to a home with another cat! I think she'd enjoy a friendly kitten around her own age or a gentle older cat to play, but not roughhouse, with. I think she is a cat who will be fine with those she knows and make herself scarce in the face of the unknown. Whoever adopts her will have a work/adjustment period, but the payoff will be wonderful! She has so much to offer." If you think you can give little Mocha a forever home, come meet her today!
1 year old male domestic shorthair / mix
Ced was found as a stray cat in Boston, and made his way to Baypath to find his forever home. He is affectionate and might even crawl up onto your shoulders. He has had a bit of a rough start to his life, so if you are ready to give him the care and love that he deserves, please come meet him today!
3 month old female domestic shorthair / mix
Walrus is a lovely girl! She is on the shy side and would do best in a home with older children or no kids. Cats help her come out of her shell so she must go to a home with other cats. Come meet her today!
5 year old female siamese / mix
Shelby is striking-looking lynx point siamese mix. She is a very sweet girl who's seeking a quiet, adult home. She likes to be pet but ever the independent girl, she isn't so keen on being a lap cat. Give her a little of her own space and you'll see her play with abandon! Please come and meet this gorgeous girl today!
3 month old male domestic shorthair / mix
Dunkachino was found as a stray along with some other kittens. He has spent some time in a foster home to get used to people, and is now ready for his forever home. He is definitely a shy kitten, and would benefit from being in a quiet home with another cat who is more outgoing. If you think you can give him the time and care to come out of his shell, then come meet him today!
2 year old female terrier, pit bull / mix
Sky came to us when her family had to move away. She is a staff and volunteer favorite! She is great on the leash and loves going for rides in the car! Her favorite spot is to hang out behind the desk and play office manager. She is a playful girl and loves a good game of tug but then will curl up on the couch right after! We are recommending a home with older kids. She would probably do best as an only dog. Please call the shelter for more info on this beauty!
10 month old female russian blue / mix
Ophelia is an active young cat who is on the feisty side. She doesn't seem to be that fond of other cats; however, she is new to the shelter and we are still learning about her. Please come meet her today!
4 month old male domestic shorthair / mix
Cola was found outside with his siblings. He was in a foster home since then where he learned all about the joys of playtime! Understandably, can be nervous when startled but he wants to be near people and to trust them. He's never happier than when you pick him up and stroke his cute belly! Cola needs must a home with another cat to keep him company and help him come out of his shell. Come meet this super handsome boy today!
2 year old female domestic longhair / mix
Meet Ivy! This sweet girl has a story! Ivy was abandoned when her owners moved and was left to care for her kittens. She was a very good mom to her kittens but is now ready for a home where she can be the baby. She is a princess so want to be the only cat in her home. Ivy is a gorgeous long hair girl. Kids can be scary, so Ivy would be happiest in an adult only home or with teenagers. After all she has been through, she is still a sweetheart but is understandably afraid of loud noises. Ivy loves catnip! Ivy deserves a great home to spoil her. Come met her today!
2 year old male hound / mix
Rory came to us from KY where he completed a 6 week training program to learn his commands. His pals in Kentucky say: "Rory was a stellar student. He's crate trained and house trained and loves affection." He's a high energy dog who loves to play with rope toys and balls and will need an active home. He's a playful guy who delights in throwing his toys up in the air. He walks well on a leash and is super sweet. Rory would love a fenced in yard where he can romp and play and burn off some of his energy. Rory needs an adult only home or home with older teens, and will likely do best as the only dog in the home although he enjoys playing with other dogs. Come on by & meet him today!
3 year old female domestic longhair / mix
Meet Jasmine! She is a very pretty girl who came to us with her 4 kittens. Jasmine loves being pet. She will roll over for you to rub her belly. She is a talkative girl and will purr when she is happy. She likes to play with wand toys. She has been around kids and does pretty well, so could go to a home with teenagers. She has been bounced around a lot in the last few weeks so would be happiest in a home that will give her time to adjust and settle in. Come meet her today!
1 year old female domestic shorthair / mix
Meet India! This gorgeous torti is waiting to find her home. She needs a patient family who will give her time to adjust. Once she adjusts, she enjoys hanging out with her people and being pet. She needs an adult only home. Come meet her today!
2 year old male domestic shorthair / mix
Meet Kazoo! This handsome young boy is ready for a home of his own! He is a friendly guy who loves spending time with people. He is a quiet and laid-back man who starts off shy, but once he gets to know you he is extremely affectionate. He is currently in a foster home with one of our staff members and his foster mom says that within the first hour of being there he was much more outgoing than he ever was at the shelter! He doesn't mind being held when he is in a lovey-dovey mood and he loves to lay right next to you and lean on you like a dog. He hasn't gotten to the point where he will lay on your lap yet, but he will get there eventually. He also loves to play with string toys and run around after them while you drag them around. An ideal home for him would be a quieter home with no kids. He seems to get along well with other laid-back cats, as he is pretty laid-back himself. Kazoo would not like to go home with a dog. He needs a family that will give him LOTS of love and understanding and give him the time to come out of his shell and not rush him. Once he trusts you, he is a very loyal and awesome boy! If you are interested in Kazoo, please email Devon at baypathdevon@gmail.com.
3 year old female maine coon / mix
Meet Leah and Coco Puff! These two lovebirds are meant to be together. They are always cuddling and spending time together (check out their ridiculously cute video!!). They would like to find a quiet and patient home with no children. 4-year-old Coco and 9-year-old Leah both love to be pet and adore people once they have a little time to warm up. Please contact the shelter for more info on these pretty kitties today!
6 year old female domestic shorthair / mix
It's hard to believe that Cassidy is the same skinny little girl that first came to Baypath. She was found as a stray and needed some help to get back on her paws. She does have kidney issues as a result, but they can be managed with a special diet. Cassidy loves to play and is such a goober. We adore her and know you will too! She does need to be an only cat and live in an adult-only home. Please help us get deserving girl a wonderful home! She's the best!
3 year old female domestic shorthair / mix
Some cats are all over you demanding attention. Julie prefers to sit back and observe. Her former foster mom says "Julie's a doll! She takes a bit of time warming up but she's a sweetheart who likes to be pet. She'll do great in an adult home where she has the time to let her true personality shine!" She gets along fine with other cats and even did well with dogs in her foster home. Julie is now at the shelter and is waiting patiently for her forever home. Come meet this beautiful girl today!
Helpful hint: Please bring copies of your vet records if you're considering adopting. This will help speed up your adoption process.
Note: Animals in foster are living in temporary foster homes and are available for adoption. Please contact us at adopt@baypathhumane.org or 508-435-6938 to learn more about a dog or cat who's in foster. Thanks!