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1 year 11 month old male beagle / mix
Rooder is a typical Beagle with the voice to match! If you are looking for a quiet dog, he is not your guy. He is new to the shelter, and we are still learning about him, so please call for more info or come and meet him today!
1 year 11 month old female retriever, labrador / mix
Ariel is a sweet heart of a dog who is a little shy in new situations but warms up fairly quickly. Ariel is good with dog savvy cats. She is crate trained but will benefit with some basic obedience training. Come meet this beautiful girl today!
11 month old male retriever, labrador / mix
Kelby came to us from South Carolina where he lived in a foster home with Ryder. Kelby loves to follow you around where ever you go. He is good with dogs and is crate trained. Come meet him today!
11 month old male retriever, labrador / mix
Ryder just arrived to Baypath from South Carolina. He is an adorable boy who cannot stop wiggling. We are still learning about him so please come by the shelter to meet him today!
11 month old female retriever, labrador / mix
Remey came to us from South Carolina along with her buddies Ryder and Kelby. She loves people and loves water! She will try to swim in her water bowl. Remey even loves the rain. Remey is a little shy so she would do best in a home with children 10 and up. Come meet her today!
4 year old male domestic shorthair / mix
Nacho is one large boy with a great personality. Nacho loves to be petted and will purr but if you pet him too quickly he may get a little over stimulated and give you a little love nip. He is quite spunky and loves to play with lots of different toys. He did live other cats and did overall okay with them. He would do well with children that understand him and around 10 and up. Please come meet him today
7 year old male siamese / mix
Meet this handsome dude Buddha; he was found as a stray and is ready for his forever home. He is as sweet as pie and loves human affection. He seems okay with other cats but we are not sure about dogs. Buddha seems to be okay being picked up just not for long but loves to be petted and will purr very loudly. Please come meet this sweet boy today
4 month old male terrier / mix
Meet Koda! This sweet puppy is ready for a home to call his own. Koda gets along great with people and other dogs. He is super food motivated, and is a fast learner! Before coming to Baypath, he did something that caused him to have a limp, although it doesn't seem to slow him down! He loves to play and is a very happy boy. Come meet this sweet boy today!
1 year 11 month old male retriever, labrador / mix
Nelson is a gorgeous boy. He is a little shy at first, but warms up very quickly. He thinks he's a lap dog...a 50 lb lap dog! He seems to enjoy other dogs and also seems to do ok with cats. He is definitely a love!
2 year old male poodle, toy / mix
Herc is an adorable little dog. We aren't sure what he is a mix of but seems to have some poodle and Yorkie in him. He is new to the shelter and we are still learning about him, so please call the shelter or come meet him for more info!
2 year old male domestic shorthair / mix
Gilbert can never get enough attention! He loves to be pet, and might even climb on your shoulders. He is new to the shelter, and we are still learning about him, so please call for more info, or come meet him today!
1 year 11 month old female domestic shorthair / mix
This Little cutie was a great mom and now is looking for her forever home. Beya is a very sweet cat and loves her human attention. She would do better in home with no or older children. Beya loves to play and enjoys most toys. She does not do well with dogs and may prefer to be the only cat. Please come meet her today!
8 month old male siamese / mix
Look at this handsome guy! Mozart was found as a stray close by and now wants a forever home. Mozart was very shy when he arrived but now is warming up. He loves to be petted and will purr very loudly. While Mozart is being petted he will knead his bedding. Mozart does not seem to like other cats and would prefer a home with no children. Please come meet him today
6 year old male chihuahua, short coat / mix in foster
Rascal is an amusing little fellow with a funny underbite. He's super playful, and loves his doughnut toy and any toy that squeaks. He's a great walker who loves to go for long walks or to zip around in the yard. He jumps for joy when you take out his leash to go out. He's VERY active for a dog his age, and is a super fast walker. He could play fetch for ages! He's a social boy who would do great with another smaller doggie companion. He likes to be close to his people and to curl up under the covers. Rascal isn't comfortable being picked up, but will happily jump up on the sofa to snuggle with you. Like many chihuahuas, he's a bit scared by young children so he needs to be in a home with teens or adults. He's house trained and is very well behaved. He likes to chill out on the sofa next to you, and will be extra happy if he can snuggle up with you in bed at night. Rascal has had seizures, but fortunately they're manageable as long as he has takes his medication twice a day. We think he'd do great with another little dog who's good natured. He does not do well with cats. He's currently in a temporary foster home until he finds his forever home. Please contact baypathleslie@gmail.com or 508-904-4967 to learn more about Rascal today!
10 year old male domestic shorthair / mix
Panther lives up to his name with his sleek coat and long legs. He is a very sweet gentlemen and is easygoing. Panther has lived with other cats and children over 10 years of age and did well with both. Panther loves to be petted and will purr quite loud. He doesn't play much but when he wants to burn off energy he will run like crazy around the house. Panther is an indoor/Outdoor cat and would love to have a safe neighborhood to do so. Please come meet him today!
7 year old male domestic shorthair / mix
Meet adorable Smith. This handsome man is a large boy and loves to be petted. Smith is all round great cat and likes everyone he meets! He would do well in most homes and probably wouldn't mind living with children 7 and up. We are unsure about dogs and cats at this time. Please call to find out more
4 year old male domestic shorthair / mix
This sweet gorgeous boy was found as a stray and was in very poor condition. Gordon has been in foster to gain weight and get him self ready for adoption. He has the loudest purr and wants to sit in your lap. Gordon enjoys playing with toys and watching tv with his owner. He sometimes gets so excited to hang out with his owner he will lick your face and possible give you a little love nip. He loves all the attention so much; that he would enjoy being the only cat and have no kids in his life. Please call to find out more on this special boy!
3 year old male coonhound / mix
Meet this awesome boy Topper! He is a big boy and can be a love with patience. Topper likes to walk with other dogs but not sure if he would want to live with one. He's looking for a quiet home where he can have a peaceful life. Topper is the cutest boy; he absolutely loves to play the chase game and will play bow his human friends. He also loves squeaky toys and will throw them in the air by himself. We'd like him to find a home with someone who's had dogs before. Please stop by to meet Topper today!
11 year old male chihuahua, short coat / mix in foster
Gizmo might have a face only a mother could love, but everyone at Baypath adores him and wants him to find his forever home! He is a little bit of a grouchy old man, and all he wants in life is to retire and live in the lap of luxury! He's currently in a temporary foster home until he finds a forever home, so please call us at 508-435-6938 or email adopt@baypathhumane.org to learn more about the little guy!
2 year old male domestic shorthair / mix in foster
Carver is the nicest cat in the world!!!!! Carver was found as a stray and is ready for his forever home. This guy is about as friendly as they come! His favorite thing to do is rub on your face! He also likes to sit on your shoulders while he does it! He is quit amusing and he is super talkative. When volunteers are cleaning the cat room, he follows them around like a dog. If you sit on the floor, it is guaranteed that he will be in your lap almost instantly! Carver is a staff favorite and would make a great cat! He does not seem to get along well with other male cats, and also no dogs please! Carver is in a foster home, so please email adopt@baypathhumane.org or call the shelter for more info about this awesome cat. Carver tested positive for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), but that isn't holding him back! You can read more about FIV here: http://www.vet.cornell.edu/fhc/Health_Information/brochure_fiv.cfm
2 year old male terrier, american pit bull / mix in foster
Bryson is a hunk of burning love!!! Once you meet this handsome king-sized gentleman, you will not be able to resist his charm! He is still learning manners and can be exuberant at times, so therefore we are recommending a household with teens or older. He loves other dogs...a little too much! He can be very excitable around other dogs and his size may be a little too much for other dogs, so it may be best for Bryson to be the only dog in the household. Bryson says no thank you to cats! If you are into positive reinforcement training and then enjoying a well-earned cuddle on the couch after, Bryson is your new best friend!
3 year old male coonhound, redbone / mix in foster
Hi, I'm Tater Tot! I'm happiest when close to people. I also love to run and play with other dogs. Being out in a fenced yard would be awesome! My human friends say I'm good on walks-I love checking out the neighborhood! I'm polite, rarely bark, and am already housebroken. Because of my good behavior, I have the run of the house with my foster parents. I like when they come home and tell me what a good boy I am! I need my forever home to be a calm, adult only place where there is no pressure from lots of noise or kids. Although I love to chill out, I can be very timid around new things like walking through doorways, seeing reflections from TVs and skylights. I just need someone loving and patient who'll give me the time to get to know the lay of the land. Love, Tater Tot
13 year old male coonhound / mix in foster
Meet this awesome senior! Titus is looking for his forever home when he can live in the lap of luxury and have no worries for the rest of his days. He's currently in a foster home, and his foster family say he's a friendly boy who wags his tail at everyone he meets. He enjoys walks once he gets going and loves the car too, he just needs a little help getting in and out. He could stand to lose a few pounds, but is absolutely in love with treats. He would prefer to be the only dog in a home with older children or adults. We think he'll do fine with cats. Please call us at 508-435-6938 or email adopt@baypathhumane.org for more info about this terrific dog!
1 year 11 month old female domestic shorthair / mix
Angie is a little cutie. She raised a litter of kittens who have left the nest, and she is now ready to be the baby of her own forever family. Angie enjoys having her chin rubbed and being petted. Angie does not mind other cats, and would prefer a home without children. She can be a little shy if she does not know you, but if you are willing to give her a little time you will become the center of her world!
1 year 11 month old male hound / mix in foster
Looking for that perfect dog? Well keep looking, because I am NOT your man! It's true! Your kids can't sit on my head or dress me up and wheel me around in a wagon, there won't be any cute selfies of us sharing a slice of pizza and I definitely won't be cuddled up next to you in bed! In fact, I have to be honest with you...after having been bounced around to a number of places over the last year or so, I'm at the point where I've gotten pretty darn picky about who I'm going to be heading home with. One-nighters with people who fall in love with my smiling face but don't want to take the time to get to know the real me behind the irresistible grin just aren't cutting it any more. So let's be honest here. If this is going to work for the both of us, there are some things you need to know about me. Don't worry, I won't judge your stuff if you don't judge mine! I'm generally a pretty happy guy but like that certain friend everybody has, I can be a little bit...quirky. In fact Liz, the Shelter Director, calls me "crazy pants." What? I think it's cute! The Bad and The Ugly...Let's start with the bad and ugly first. I don't like sharing my food. Be honest with me here. Do you really want someone reaching over and grabbing your last French fry? Right...me neither! I just need a little space if I'm going to be able to enjoy my meal. Being up on the furniture...not a good look for me. Remember when you were little and your brother wanted the whole couch to himself and he pushed you on the floor when your mom wasn't looking? Yeah, I admit it, I'm that guy. My foster mom Terry (who is the most awesome person!) says I am happier on the floor or on my own bed or in my crate. And she's right...I mean really, we all know I'm a dog right? The floor's A-okay with me! And last, but not least, I'm a bit of a freaky sleeper. Startle me when I'm sleeping and I come up swinging! Dude, I need my beauty sleep to be uninterrupted! You think these good looks are easy to maintain? Just give me a heads up, call my name when you're coming and it'll be just fine. So, still on board? Great! Finally! On to the good stuff! As I said earlier, the aforementioned exceptions not withstanding, I'm a pretty happy guy. Other dogs? Love 'em! Nothing like a little four-legged companionship to make a guy feel complete. You know what I mean...talking to me all day might be fun, but sometimes don't you just want a conversation where somebody speaks your language? Me too! Kitty in the house? Meow baby - I can speak that language all day long! However, if you don't have a live-in friend for me, no worries, I promise it's not a deal-breaker. Wheels! I love 'em! Car, truck, motorcycle side-car...man, I'd live on the road if I could! Anywhere you want to go, I'm the co-pilot for you! Balls? Sticks? An old boot? I'm your boy! You throw it, I'll bring it back. And my favorite thing? Food! My foster mom says I am super food-motivated and easy to train. I have no idea what that means, but you bring the cookies and I'll do the dancing! Oh, and I never "go" in the house. Yay me! So what do I really need? Patience, time, understanding, some training (honestly, can't we all improve just a little bit more?), no kids (man, they kind of freak me out a bit), basically a family of one or more who gets my weirdness and embraces it. I think Dr. Seuss said it best; "We are all a little weird, and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love." So what do you think? Want to get weird together? If you think you can handle it, give the shelter a call and maybe we can meet and split some fries (on our own plates of course!) ***Thanks to a Petco Foundation grant, Baypath will be sponsoring a training class for his lucky new family!
1 year 11 month old female retriever, labrador / mix
Cora is one energetic young dog who would make a fantastic running partner. She loves to be on-the-go with her people or to get out and play with other dogs. She & her pal Ernie here at the shelter occupy themselves playing for hours! She gets along well with young, energetic dogs. Cora is super smart and would excel in an environment where she can gets plenty of physical and mental exercise. She's enrolled in obedience training and is impressing everyone with her abilities. She's a quick study & is already picking up many commands. She also has a playful side, and loves toys and goofing around. Cora has also been a great pal on the road. She's calm in the car & is happy to ride along with you. She needs an adult home, ideally with an experienced owner who understands the value of positive reinforcement for a young dog. Please contact us at 508-435-6938 or adopt@baypathhumane.org or come on down to meet her today!
Helpful hint: Please bring copies of your vet records if you're considering adopting. This will help speed up your adoption process.
Note: Animals in foster are living in temporary foster homes and are available for adoption. Please contact us at adopt@baypathhumane.org or 508-435-6938 to learn more about a dog or cat who's in foster. Thanks!