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Volunteer opportunities

Volunteers are the heart of our organization. Our staff and volunteers work together, forming a vital team that's essential to carrying out our mission to promote the health, care, and adoption of these animals. There are many important roles that you can fill. For safety's sake, all volunteers need to be 18 or older.

In-Shelter Opportunities

*Our program is currently full. Please check back after holidays!!

To safely and effectively serve as an in-shelter volunteer, you must possess certain physical, mental, and emotional capacities. Before completing a volunteer application for in-shelter opportunities, please review the essential capabilities document to ensure you are capable of performing tasks that may be asked of you.

Cat care/cleaning/socialization

In addition to playing with and socializing with the cats, the position involves cleaning the cats’ kennels, which involves hands on work and scooping up of poop! Hygiene control is very important, as is ensuring that the cats remain stocked up with food, water, bedding, and toys. This ensures they are as healthy and stress free as possible and greatly improves their adoptablility.

Dog care/cleaning/socialization

We are surrounded by acres of wooded trails, as well as a fairly quiet sidewalked road, to exercise our awesome dogs! We also have outdoor pens in which to play and socialize with the dogs. The position can also involve cleaning and caring for the dogs, which will involve hands-on work hosing, feeding, filling water buckets, scooping up of poop, etc. Hygiene control is very important, as is ensuring that the dogs remain stocked up with food, water, bedding, and toys.

*There are also opportunities, once you are acclimated to Baypath’s volunteer program, for more advanced work with the dogs, including an enrichment and training program geared toward improving the dogs’ quality of life and their adoptability.

Other Opportunities

Help transport animals

This is something that can be done in addition to volunteering at the shelter, but is also a great way to make a difference for those whose schedule doesn’t allow for the commitment to a regular shelter shift.

We have many relationships with vets in the area who provide a wide range of medical services to our animals. We always need help transporting our animals to and from the vet, generally for routine shots and surgeries. Sometimes it’s a drop off and other times we need someone willing to wait a half an hour or so for a routine appointment. We also work with many animal control facilities in the state to take in stray animals for adoption. We always need help picking these animals up as well. This can include driving as far as Boston and Springfield or as close as Ashland.

Apply here.

Consider fostering an animal in need

We need volunteers who can provide temporary foster care for a dog in need. Although most of our dogs do well in the shelter, some dogs require special care, either because of behavioral issues or because they're too stressed to be in a shelter environment.**Adult only, pet free foster homes are highly desirable.

We also need foster homes for orphaned kittens as well as mother cats and their kittens. Learn more about fostering and how to apply.

Join the Outreach Committee

At Baypath, we are committed to continually building ties within our surrounding community. The Baypath Outreach Committee is a working committee comprised of both Board Members and Volunteers. The Outreach Committee hosts booths in Baypath's "Big Purple Tent" at local community events, including town fairs, road races, and farmers' markets. Members of the committee also strive to assist the public; we have hosted on-site pet education seminars in the Real Life Room and we hope to expand this service into community clinics. The goal of the Outreach Committee is, above all, to give back to the community that has given Baypath so much and to build new bridges within that community. We are always looking for fresh perspective and exciting ideas; we hope you consider joining our committee.   

Join the Board of Directors

Interested in participating in the public outreach, fundraising  and/or long-term planning for the shelter? Learn more about the role and read our FAQS on being a board member. If you are interested in taking the next step, please complete our Board of Directors Application or contact us.