Foster a Dog or Cat in Need

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Being a foster parent is an extremely rewarding experience. You’re giving a dog or cat the greatest chance of success at having a happy, forever home. Many people like to foster animals because:

* It’s an important way to help save homeless pets
* It’s more flexible than volunteer jobs
* It’s a great way to enjoy a pet without making a lifelong commitment


Animals need foster homes for many different reasons. Foster parents provide temporary homes for animals prior to adoption. You may be:
•    Saving an animal’s life when a shelter is full
•    Giving an animal a quiet place to recover from an injury or illness
•    Providing a safe place for a dog or cat who is frightened by living in a shelter
•    Offering a safe haven for a mother cat and her kittens
•    Nursing or bottle feeding newborn puppies or kittens who lost their mother

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