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Congratulations on the new addition to your family! Here are some helpful resources to get you and your new pal off to a great start.


Caring for your new cat 


  • Prepare your home for a new pet: Find advice on pet-proofing and more.
  • Find tips on introducing two cats: Cat-to-cat introductions can make or break the successful integration of your new cat or kitten. Read this to start out right.
  • Find general cat care advice. Learn tips on keeping your cat in good health.
  • Choose alternatives to declawing. A cat's claws are a vital part of its body, essential to balance, mobility, defense, grooming, and emotional well being. Many countries have rules declawing illegal, as it is considered inhumane. Please read about why we strongly advise against declawing, and find advice on effective alternatives.
  • Addressing litter box issues. What to do if your cat isn't consistently using their litter box. 
  • Pet safety tips. Get answers to frequently asked questions from veterinarian Andrea Moolenbook.