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At Baypath, we do our best to collect both behavior and medical histories on our animals, as well as do our own evaluations and observations. We gather as much information as we can to suggest what we believe to be the ideal situation for each animal. We do this in the interest of the animal's quality of life as well as to assist our potential adopters. As always, safety is of the utmost importance in our decision making process.

We are always more than happy to discuss our animals with you and highly encourage you to call or email the shelter at info@baypathhumane.org if you have any questions or want more information regarding any of our animals.

Available cats (11)

3 year old male domestic shorthair / mix
Louie is gentleman and needs a little time to get to know his new people. He does well with other cats and must go home with a confident one to help him come out of his shell. Once he knows he enjoys being petted pet and brushed. Loud noises do scare him and he will hide but he will come out soon after. Louie enjoys playing with certain toys his favorite are ones that make noises. Please come and meet this sweet boy today!!
2 year old male domestic shorthair / mix
Rib Eye is new to the shelter and settling in. He was quite nervous when he arrived, but has come around so impressively and has discovered the joy of pets! He seems to get upset when he is near other cats, and now that he has a room all to himself he is much happier and likes to have your attention. Wand toys are his absolute favorite. We think Rib Eye would do better in an adult home. Please call to find out more or come meet him today!
2 year old female domestic shorthair / mix
Meet Crimson! Like her friend Clover, she'll win you over and over...*cue music* Crimson is a beautiful girl ready to meet her new forever family. She is shy at first but once she warms up, she'll approach you and ask to be pet, happily purring away. Crimson gets along well with other cats especially her friend Clover. Crimson has tested positive for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), but it doesn't get her down, and it shouldn't for you either! You can read more about it here: http://bestfriends.org/resources/fiv-cats-faqs. Come meet her today!
6 month old male domestic shorthair / mix
Are you ready for a party? 'Cause these kittens are ready to bring it. Cherry Fizz is sweet but takes a little time to warm up to you until she's ready for attention - so it's best to take it slow before reaching to pet too eagerly! Like true kittens, they each love to play with other cats, toys, and literally anything they can put their paws on. Cherry Fizz would do best in a home with children 10 and up. Please call to find out more!
2 year 1 month old male domestic shorthair / mix
Pudding is such a sweet, quirky boy who is still getting used to his surroundings. He's got half a tail but twice the personality! He is curious and playful. He enjoys being petted and will follow you around when he's looking for attention. Cat nip toys are his favorite! He's gone through a lot of transition in his life and as a result, he can get overwhelmed with new experiences, so he is looking for an overall quiet home without children. Please call to find out more!
2 year 1 month old male domestic longhair/mix
Onyx Moon stands true to his name - he's a majestic, beautifully long haired cat with a personality that will charm. He loves attention and to rub up beside you, constantly headbutting! He'll even reach up with his paws to be picked up and snuggle against you. He's that social! He is okay being around other cats, but we are unsure about children or dogs. We're told he knows some clicker training so he has brains to go with his beauty. Please come spend time with him today!
4 year 1 month old male domestic shorthair / mix
Mountain Dew is a cheeky little fellow found stranded out in the cold. He's been through a lot and is still learning that it's okay for him to trust people! For the people he sees on a consistent basis and has safe experiences with, he does well. He enjoys a slow chin scratch and if you exercise patience, you'll even have him eating out of your hand! He does have a playful side which reveals itself when the wand toys come out. Mountain Dew is a little too stressed to enjoy the presence of other cats right now, so he'd really do best as the only pet in the home. If you think you could be the right match to give this boy the comfortable life he deserves, please call to find out more!
10 year 1 month old male domestic shorthair / mix in foster
Peter is a sweet, older man who loves to be petted. He has previously lived in a home and was very friendly, although he is not enjoying shelter life. He is desperate for a place to call his own where he can enjoy attention but also be given plenty of space by himself. Peter is a playful boy and enjoys his cat nip. Peter seems to like everyone he meets, head butting for attention and rubbing himself between your legs. Peter would like to be the only pet in the household, and he has lived with children over 10 and did well with them. ** Peter is hanging out in a foster home, so please email kcaron@baypathhumane.org to find out more about his application process or to set up a meet!
8 year 2 month old male domestic shorthair / mix
Are you familiar with how '50 First Dates' went? Siam sure is. It may just take 50 first dates until he feels comfortable with you. He's striking to look at - and to be frank, that's all you'll really be able to do until you two get to know each other on a more personal level. He's been through a lot, and needs significant time to gain trust. He is slowly improving with people who exercise utmost patience! He is food-motivated, and will eat from your hand or a spoon. If you're lucky, you may get some slow eye blinks, which is a sign of relaxation. Once you've met you a few times and he knows you have the best intentions he will allow you to pet him! Siam is great with other cats and we believe he'd be happy to share his home with another confident one to help him adjust more quickly. Please call the shelter to see if you'd be a good fit for Siam!
1 year 3 month old male domestic shorthair / mix in foster
Rio is quite affectionate and loves to be the center of attention. His foster says this sweet boy enjoys pets and lounging in your lap, so he's ready to find you! Despite his lovable demeanor, he also has a fresh side - when overstimulated from touch or excitement, he'll start with love nipping and playful paws. This frisky kitty needs lots of playtime but also a good amount of down time. He absolutely loves chasing and batting around wand toys. He will definitely need an understanding and cat-savvy family, a family who will help stimulate him in positive ways. He would thrive in an adult home as the only ruler of the roost! ** Rio is hanging out in a temporary foster home, so please email kcaron@baypathhumane.org to find out more or set up a meet with him!
10 year 4 month old female domestic shorthair / mix in foster
Oh, did you say you wanted some personal space? Bernadette doesn't really know what that is! She'll follow you around until you figure out she always wants to be petted. Bernadette doesn't do well with other animals, but would really like a home to call her own and be comfortable. She certainly deserves it! She seems like she would do well with children over the age of 7, if any. ** Bernadette is currently looking for a hospice home. Unfortunately she is showing signs of cancer, but is keeping her strength and does not require medical care at this time. If you'd like to learn more about Bernadette and setting up a meet with her, please email kcaron@baypathumane.org!
Helpful hint: Please bring copies of your vet records if you're considering adopting. This will help speed up your adoption process.
Note: Animals in foster are living in temporary foster homes and are available for adoption. Please contact us at adopt@baypathhumane.org or 508-435-6938 to learn more about a dog or cat who's in foster. Thanks!