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Foster Family Gives Senior

Dog a Sense of Security

Foster dog Mr. Crocker

Mr. Crocker arrived at the shelter understandably terrified, barking incessantly, and ready to nip at strangers. He was uncomfortable there, and he also wasn’t going to appeal to adopters in this agitated state. Even in the best of circumstances, shelters can be a stressful place. All the hustle and bustle is too much for them. For those dogs, the best thing we can do is find them a foster home so they can have a calm place where they can relax until we find them a new home.

Fortunately, our volunteer Lizzie took Mr. Crocker home, where he soon learned to trust her and her husband, Wil. Having a foster home gave Mr. Crocker a happy, peaceful place to unwind – and to show off his best qualities to help him find a new home. His behavior transformed quickly in Lizzie & Wil’s care, and he showed himself to be a delightful little companion. This previously scared dog turned out to be sweet, cuddly, and playful!

Foster dog in new home - Mr. CrockerWithin weeks of moving into his foster home, a couple came to meet Mr. Crocker and adopted him. His new mom and dad tell us "Mr. Crocker is doing fantastic. We kept the name Mr. Crocker but we usually call him Crocky for short and other variations (Crockpot, Crockadile, Crockenburg etc.) He did need time to adjust to his new surroundings but he warmed up to us really fast and absolutely adores my boyfriend Matt. He ran halfway down the street when he saw Matt getting out of his car.

He is such a great dog - super snuggly. He loves sleeping all the way under the blanket and it's hilarious. He still loves his tennis balls and playing fetch - with anyone willing and also with himself. He gets really excited about walks, going in the car to go to the park, and whenever he sees us eat pizza or cheese. 

We are so so so happy that we were able to adopt this quirky little dog, and even though he's older, he still gets the zoomies very often so it is really fun!! We love him so much and want to thank you all for all the help, honesty and information you gave us during the process. For some reason, I just knew in my heart it was going to all work out for him and it really has. Thanks again!!” - Cheyanne, Matt and Crocky

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