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Read how our amazing foster families helped tougher-to-adopt dogs and cats find loving homes.

Foster success stories

foster dogNine-month-old Diamond arrived at Baypath positive for heartworm. Dogs undergoing heartworm treatment need to be kept calm, which is no easy feat for an active young dog. Foster mom Michelle K & her family found creative ways to keep Diamond happy and calm throughout her treatment, teaching her many commands. By the time the treatment was over, Diamond had fully recovered and was one of the best trained dogs around! A friend of Michelle's adopted her, and she's happily enjoying her new life!



foster kittens
Kittens Winnie, Willy, and Wally arrived at Baypath during a heat wave, and needed an immediate foster family to care for them until they were old enough to be adopted. Volunteer Sandy took the trio home, giving them lots of love, attention, and playtime to help them become well-socialized pets. Once they were ready to be adopted, they hit the jackpot with a new home -- a woman who decided to keep all three kittens together! She still keeps in touch with Sandy, and enjoys sharing tales of their latest escapades!


foster dogCharlie arrived at Baypath with much anxiety after being mistreated in his early life. A Baypath volunteer fostered him, working closely with our staff behaviorist to help him tackle his fears and learn good dog behavior. Soon much of his anxious barking was replaced by joy as he romped around the yard and enjoyed lots of cuddles. Within a matter of weeks, Charlie met a wonderful couple, who welcomed him into their family. He now has doting parents, plenty of fresh air, long walks, and even a furry brother to play with!



foster cat and kittensMama cat Havarti and her kittens were found as strays and were having a tough time. Havarti had health struggles, two of her kittens had a condition that impacted their vision, and the runt of the litter wasn’t growing at all. To help this cat family recover, Baypath volunteer Marianne took them home to give them the TLC they needed. Marianne learned to administered fluids to Havarti and give several types of medication to the kittens. She also hand-fed the tiniest kitten, Munster, to help him gain the nutrition he needed. Over the next few months, Marianne’s loving care helped Havarti and her babies recover and become strong, healthy kitties. They also gained valuable socialization skills, both with people and with Marianne’s other pets. We’re happy to report that Havarti and her kittens have been adopted and are thriving in their new homes!


foster dog volunteeringYogi had much trauma in his early life, and arrived at Baypath with a great deal of fear of people. Fosters Julie & Cornelia took him home, helping him to slowly build bonds with people and learn everything he'd need to know to become a great pet companion. Under their care, he got crate and leash trained, and learned quite a few commands. His foster moms helped him make a smooth transition once we found his new home. He now lives nearby with his mom Kat. He came to visit Baypath recently and we're happy to report that he's doing great!



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