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Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy (affectionately named for her fondness for treats) was well loved, but her previous owner could no longer care for her and knew it was in her best interest to find her a new home. She arrived here at the shelter and we provided medical care and began looking for a home for her. Although she had been an affectionate cat in her first home, she was understandably scared by the change in her surroundings.
This made it tough for potential adopters to get close to her. With most people, she would “tell them off” with a surly growl.
To help her decompress, we gave her a room of her own at the shelter, and would sit on the floor and talk to her, gently tossing treats to help her learn to trust us. This helped some, but we were anxious to get her into a home environment so she could really relax and be herself. 
A young woman named Kira came to meet Miss Piggy and wanted to adopt her. We explained that we didn’t know whether Miss Piggy would warm up to people or not, but Kira was willing to give this young cat a chance. We worked with Kira, explaining the importance of going slow and how positive reinforcement would help Miss Piggie adjust to her new home.  
We were happily surprised that within 12 hours of being in her new home, Miss Piggy showed her true colors. It turns out, she was extremely outgoing. Kira shared that Miss Piggy wants to be held and sleeps with her at night. She loves her new family and everyone she meets!